We have been giving shape to ideas since 1974

People call them promotional items, or gadgets. We prefer to call them gifts, because that is their mission: to give emotions. They are not “things”, they are “something to say” to add value to your brand. They are unique, because they are designed and customised just for you. They are green, because they are made in a sustainable way. They are the epitome of Italian styling.
They are ULI.

We create value around your brand

We create exciting, refined objects, able to surprise and be remembered, transforming them into ambassadors of your brand. Every object is born out of a thought and accompanies a narrative able to generate value and meaning and convey to the brand the uniqueness it needs to emerge and stand out.




Frying pan celebrating 130th Anniversary

Audi E-Tron

Il gioco con il buco

Sustainable Ideas

Sustainability is not a shirt you can put on whenever you feel like it. It is something more intrinsic that has to do with the way we are. Our actions and projects aim to reduce the environmental impact of every action and of every product. We use energy from renewable sources, we move around in hybrid vehicles, we separate 100% of our waste. For us, respect for the earth and sustainability are a daily commitment. We offer our customers environmentally friendly products made of recycled materials. Every day we ask ourselves: how can we make our projects greener? What are the big and small decisions we can act upon? This is the only way to create sustainable objects that are positive for people and kind to the environment. Take care of the earth and the earth will take care of you.