Since 1974 we have been giving shape to ideas of quality.

We design, produce and personalise accessories, objects and gifts made to enhance the perception and awareness of your brand. We work only with the most creative designers and with companies that represent the excellence of goods that are 100% “made in Italy”. On those few occasions that we find ourselves managing non-European goods, we always choose partners with operations in Italy that respect the rules of ethical and certified production.
Attention to detail, originality and sound marketing skills are our strengths.

We generate value around your brand.

We create exciting, refined objects, capable of surprising and leaving a lasting memory. We present, introduce and accompany our clients in the most important loyalty circuits. We develop effective operations and co-marketing activities. We develop multi-channel sales strategies, we experiment and test sales systems for new markets and new distribution models. All these services are developed by our team in collaboration with experts in each area.



Co-Branding & Co-Marketing

New distribution approaches


Here is a selection of projects we are particularly proud of.

Sustainable ideas.

For us sustainability is a daily commitment. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce the environmental impact of every action we take and every product we are involved in. We use energy from renewable sources, we move around in hybrid vehicles, we separate 100% of our waste. But it doesn’t end there: increasingly we offer our customers environmentally-friendly products made with recycled materials. The question is always the same: how can we make this project greener? What large and small decisions have to be taken? An object is really exciting when it is positive for people and kind to the environment.