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About Us

Our journey into the world of marketing and communication began in 1974, driven by the creative, entrepreneurial vision of Ugo Lombardi. From that time on, we have never stopped designing and producing promotional items with a mission that rings out loud and clear: to transmit in a unique fashion the values, emotions and story of our clients.

About us

Our story behind us, the future in our eyes.

Our story is experience, proven professionalism, goals achieved and demonstrably so. It is the strength that springs from its story that allows ULI Design to remain on course for the future, keeping its desire to amaze and innovate unchanged.

About us

Italian DNA

ULI Design is proud to be authentically Italian. We have a thorough knowledge of the style and taste inherent in our culture and that is why we promote the excellence of Italian made products while paying close attention to the world around us.

About us

We stay ahead of the trends, we don't follow them.

Some chase after the trends of the moment, others are able to create them. It is not enough for ULI Design to propose what has already been seen, it always tries to amaze through the ongoing search for novelty, not only as new objects to be proposed, but also as new ways of interpreting them or using them in communication.

About us

Emotions that have something to say

We are communicators first and foremost.
We give voice to objects and transform them into veritable ambassadors for our clients. When we propose a project it is never an end in itself.
It is not just an aesthetic choice, but an object endowed with a theme that – precisely for this reason – has something to say.

About us

Complete objects and projects

The objects we propose form all-round projects: ULI Design supports customers from every standpoint. Starting from the most strategic, such as the choice of message, to the most practical such as logistics. Each step is a fundamental piece of the mosaic that goes to make up our excellence.

About us

Detail is not detail

Some might call it maniacal attention, but we prefer to call it “meticulousness”. It means focusing on object design, but also on all the processes, processing stages and subsequent implementation of our projects.

About us

Sustainability forever

Sustainability is not a shirt you can put on whenever you feel like it.
It is something more intrinsic that has to do with the way we are.
That’s why we always try to reduce the environmental impact of everything we do, to be “green” in the true sense of the word.
Because the environment is our most important customer.

Our team

Different personalities interacting with each other to create value.

Angelo Ballarini

General Manager

Gabriele Pensabene

Art Director

Anna Uggè

Project Manager

Sara Giavarini

Project Manager

Ugo Lombardi

Chief executive

Vanessa Mora


Massimo Galli

Creative & Strategic advisor

Maria Scarioni


Floriana Tabacu

Warehouse Manager

Flavio Fusari

Warehouse Manager

Giuliana Rovizzi

Financial Manager

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